- Looking after good tenants for life -

We promise to never terminate a tenancy or evict a good tenant even when their circumstances change.

You might have heard in the media, stories of Revenge Evictions. This is where a tenant complains about a genuine problem with their home such as faulty heating and the landlord evicts them rather than fixing the problem.

We think that is unacceptable!

It is important to us that the dwelling we provide for our tenants in not just a house. It is their home.

If there is a problem with one of our properties then we want to know about it. More importantly we want our tenants to feel confident to report problems, discuss issues and to have a great place to live for as long as they choose.

This is why we promise to never evict a good tenant, even if their circumstances change.

Provided the rent is paid, the property is looked after, the neighbours are not unduly upset and no criminal or antisocial behaviour takes place, our tenants know that they have a secure home for as long as they want to remain there.

Lets Delight is bringing a refreshing new face to property rentals.

Orchard Street Shared
Living Project in Nuneaton

Orchard Street is an unremarkable 3 bedroom, end terrace house in a mainly residential area of Nuneaton. It is within a few minutes walk of the railway station and about 5 minutes walk from the town centre and all the employers located there. Additionally George Eliot Hospital is nearby as are three industrial estates with a variety of key employers.

The condition of the property is reasonably good. Some general work will be required to ensure that very little maintenance will be needed in future and that tenants will experience a minimum of disruptive issues. These works are principally a small amount of roof work, fitting double glazing and an electrical rewire. Whilst the property is being rewired, modern mains powered smoke and fire protection will also be installed.

The schedule for the refurbishment is for it to be finished in 8 weeks from the completion date. We are confident in the timescales required for each of the tasks but we are allowing 50% contingency due to uncertainty over getting tradespeople to start work exactly when required.

This allows 12 weeks to transform the property into a fabulous Shared Living Project.

Orchard Street will be transformed from an unremarkable 3 bedroom,
end terrace house into a Fabulous Lets Delight Shared Living Project




  • Be part of the Housing Solution
  • Much needed housing for young professionals
  • Great return on investment
  • Opportunity to learn as you invest!
  • Fabulous Shared Living Project
  • Two investment opportunities

Investment Opportunities



Capital Investment: 15,000
Annual interest rate: 10%
Term: 7000 - 12 weeks
8000 - 24 months
Capital Investment: 20,000
Annual interest rate: 9.0%
Term: 12 weeks